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Why Cite?

Why should you cite your sources?

  • To give credit to the people whose ideas you used.
  • To provide accurate references to those reading/studying your paper.
  • To get a good grade.
  • To avoid plagiarism, which violates the school's honor code.

Which Style?

There are many different styles of citation. Always ask your teachers which citation style they prefer. 

These are the three most popular styles:

APA (American Psychological Association): Often used in the social sciences, e.g. psychology, education, anthropology 

MLA (Modern Language Association): Often used in liberal arts and humanities, e.g. English

Chicago Manual of Style: Common in history, but sometimes used in other social sciences.

Your teacher may use a variation of one of the above styles or may use their own - it is usually stated in the assignment. When in doubt, ask the teacher!  

Citation Generators

There are a number of sites that will create bibliographies and works cited pages FOR you.




Many of the library's databases also provide citations. If you can't find these "Cite this" or "Citation" buttons, see a librarian for help.

Info on about citing sources